911...911... MAYDAY MAYDAY...EJECT... EJECT... EJECT... Oh No!

Ok, now tell us the truth, you turned it the wrong way with a 1/2" breaker bar didn't you??? Hmmmmmmm? :D :D :)

The whole trying to removing it with a 3/8" rachet is what gave you away, and the pictue of the snapped shaft :D

LOL, just kidding, good luck, thanks your buddy :D and ask him to wet torque the nut and not impact gun it :D

I might think about replacing the rod as well, as long as you have the crank apart...

What do you mean by "wet torque the nut"? You aren't suggesting to grease the threads prior to torquing the nut, are you?

No not the threads, the nut face and washer with a light bit of clean motor oil so the friction of the turning dose not affect the torque. Just helps you make sure the torque your reading is the force of the threads and not the friction of turning the nut. Its probably not needed in an instance like this, its usally used to torque heads down and stuff like that where even torque is desired or on very high torques like 400 F Lb and up where the friction gets very intense.

It was just kind of a joke about not using an impact gun. :) You had to be there.

That's cool. I just know that most torque specs are dry so I was wondering if I had missed something with regards to how to correctly torque the flywheel.

I thought about replacing the whole Crank, but he say's everything looks good and still at spec. He told me that if he didn't know any better he would swear he was working on a new engine.

All I can say is, I change my oil after every three rides or each hard race. And I have used Golden Spectro Synthetic in both my bikes since day one.

Something must be working right....

Bonzai :)

After working in a machine shop for 5 yrs, I saw a lot of bad situations like this. Drill the shaft out, tap it, and put a hard bolt in. DO NOT WELD ON THIS. IMHO

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