Who da thunk it! Pirelli is awesome!

As getting my trusty Dunlop is getting harder to come by. I tried out a Pirelli MT18 120X18.. It is fantastic! I wasn't sure at first because I've not heard much from the TT Bro's regarding Pirelli, but this thing works in all the different terrain here in SoCal so good it's weird! As an added bonus, It Seems to wear well too. It would be very tough to talk me into changing from a Dunlop 756 front, but I'm willing to listen. Has anybody tried this Pirelli on the front, and how did you like it? :)

someone talked me into the Gara-Cross for the rear and it hooks up. I love it.

Sorry no experience with the MT18's but we run the MT16's front and rear on our XR2.5. On my XR4 I run the MT16 rear and the MT44 front, great tires.

MT16 rear is the choice of Scott Summers and me.

MT44 front is the choice of Scott Summers, Randy Hawkins and me.

Boy "me" feel good now. :)

I also have a MT44 front and MT16 rear on my WR400 and am impressed with traction in the mud and rocks and excellent wear. With what I've seen from Pirelli and IRC Vulcanduro's I pretty much will never buy Dunlops again. :)

So far I've tried (front) a 756 dunlop, an MT44 pirelli, a MH2 Michelin and currently an S12 Michelin. The Pirelli will get another run when it gets softer (the rocks tore it to bits, but otherwise its my most prefered front so far). The 756 was a dog, the edges became rounded very quickly. Unispiring to say the least. The Mh2 may also be revisited or maybe the MS2. I used it during a very unforgiving time and it lasted and hooked up pretty good, so far my second choice. The S12 I am using now was reccomended by many, however its fluffy at change of direction, requires high pressure to minimize "WALK" and even in perfect conditions is not confidence inspiring. As for rears, I've used Pirelli mt32, 756 dunlop and M12 Michelin. The Pirelli was great in the softer conditions and I will probably use again. The 756 is currently my Fave all round tire, I love the cornering predictability and general feedback it provides. Wear is also good. The M12 was a failure for me, it didn't do anything well. Rear wheel slides were unpredictable and straight line grip dodgy at best. Next I am going to try a Michelin s12 rear. If it works the MT32 may not get another run..... medium hard 756,medium soft s12. For fronts maybe an MS2 allround or an mt44 for the softer months.


This is the standard tire for Hare Scramblers and enduro riders in the Northern New England area. The MT16 front with the MT18 on the rear is a awesome combo. Plus they wear alot better then the dunlops. We have alot different terrain then out west and I have never had trouble with traction.

The best front tire I have ridden for all around use, has to be the MT-44

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