fork oil change help

Guys- last time I had it done, shop did it. Now funds are tight and I need to do it my self. Bike is 05 YZ450. I looked through lots of old post and seems 05's are kinda hard. Is there any where to find a step by step procedure for this? Preferbly with pics? And what tools do I need? Any help is grealty appreciated. Jason

Not hard at all, look in the common sticky thread in this forum, there is a link to go to for a printable shop manuel for your bike, you will also need 4 special tools to make the job easier. 48mm seal/bushing driver (ebay, or pit posse). Fork compression vale removal tool (pit posse), Fork cap wrench not sure what size in mm but I purchased 1 on ebay that is a 4 in 1 wrench it has 3 sizes for fork caps and a dampner rod holding tool (this is the 4th). pit posse sells the cap wrench with the dampner rod holding tool in 1 tool, but like I said I am not sure the exact size of the wrench the 05 takes. The 4in1 off ebay is the way the go, if you ever change rides you will have this tool for future use on diiferent forks. I have seen on TT forums where guys have made bushing drivers from PVC pipe before. Get the fork oil and a bushing / seal kit and your ready to go.

Thanks guys, that's what I needed. Jason

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