07 yz450 cam chain/damper install questions

after an hour or so of reading search results not really addressing my questions..i figure ill toss them out here.....i want to throw a new cam chain,both dampers and new tensioner ... and am hoping that i can replace the cam chain and both dampers without unbolting the cams and with simply the valve and stator covers removed? thanks in advance!

Your gonna have to pull the cams and flywheel off. You need a service manual,torque wrench,and flywheel puller.

i have the manual torque wrench and flywheel puller....could have sworn i had read a thread some time ago where somone said they changed their chain without messing with the cams..just removing the tensioner and flywheel...but cant find it now of course...can the 2 dampners(chain buffers) be removed through the valve cover? or does the head need to come off?...since my valves are in spec really hated to get involved with the cazy torque routine on the head/cam bolts

The cams, both of them, have to be unbolted to remove and replace the chain.

The upper damper is easy, but seldom required. The rear damper that is born against by the tensioner is tricky, but it can be replaced by rotating it on the vertical and drawing it downward.

If you want to replace the front damper, you have to pull the head. :ride:

It's rare that any of the dampers need replacement, however.

thanks gray!! i was just thinking that the 2 long dampers would be wearing parts....like the chain slider on the swingarm...especially the one that the tensioner bears against...guess ill just do the tensioner and chain! thanks again guys!

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