Zerk Fittings

Any thought thoughts about installing zerk fittings on the linkage lube points on a '00 426? Would be interested in hearing both the pro's and cons of doing so. Thanks!

Good post. I seem to remember riders describing this in letters to the dirt bike magazines. Maybe certain bikes are better suited to this than ours¿ The swingarm pivot bearings have a wax type of protective coating inside and may get pushed, or crunched up from grease being injected under pressure. It would be a shame to have such a good idea turn into a dud.


It would certainly make life easier if you could grease all your linkage bearings with zerks and a grease gun.


It may be messier in the long run, and it may be difficult to ensure that grease gets to the proper places.

Once you do you’re sure to end up with more grease (and weight) than you need.

Also, unless you can devise a way to grease all the linkage bearings via zerks its moot because you’ll still have to disassemble to grease those bearings.

I remember seeing a tip where a guy tapped the end of a hollow linkage bolt and then drilled holes along the shaft in the appropriate places to allow grease to get to the bearings. I believe the linkage bolts that ride on bearings in the YZFM are all hollow.

This would seem to be a hot setup for guys who do a lot of mud or water crossings.

I've wondered this too, the DRZ comes stock with zerkies on the linkage. My question was how would the grease get from the zerk, through the bearing sleeve and to the bearing? It would be no problem to drill and tap the linkage but the sleeves that the bearings ride in couldn't be drilled too could they?



That’s a good point, I didn’t think about that. I guess the tip I read about was for a bike with a different bearing set up. For the YZ/WR you’d have to tap the body of the swingarm and put the zerk there to allow the grease to get to the bearings, and I’m not sure if that is a viable (or desirable) option.

Guys, I used to zerk my links and swingarms. It is not worth the trouble. Even if you do it perfectly, it can cause problems. When you inject the grease, if there is too much pressure, it can push out the seals, which can cause drag or worse problems.

I used to buy a carbide drill bit, and drill through the aluminum, then right through the bearing races. This was not an easy task. Then I tapped the aluminum for the zerk. If there are two bearings in a pivot, you would drill in between them.

Installing the zerk in the end of the bolt is questionable, because you have to drill a side hole in the bolt and the bushing in order for the grease to reach the bearings. Drilling those thick bushings would be almost impossible, along with trying to line up the holes.

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