08 wr450 water on starter clutch assy.

so i removed my starter clutch cover and starter clutch so i could remove my left side cover to inspect my modified stator job and found water droplets on the starter clutch. my oil is not milky so i do not suspect a water pump problem. i had just cleaned my bike extremely well from riding in some nasty red clay a week before and then ridden in about 5" of snow(which was a blast). my bike was stored in the outdoor shed(30-40 degrees), then brought inside the basement for a brake upgrade. i can't rule out condensation and i haven't found any of the vent lines lose. any ideas or input? thanks jlow

Same thing happens with the DRZ 400. It's condensation. That part of the crankcase stays cooler than the rest so that's where the water vapor goes. If it never gets hot enough to cook off the moisture you will always find a little water or oil/water "mousse" in there.

Could be the oring on the starter clutch cover. When I rebuilt my engine I found a little muck that had worked it's way in there so I replaced the oring.

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