Swing arm and linkage bearing kits (which is best)

Ok I know oem is the best to replace the bearings and seals with, but all of the bearings are toast in my swingarm and linkage. They were greased but got extremely pitted from dirt and water. Way too crunchy motions now. Oem will cost me over $300 and thats with my 20% discount. There are many companies out there with kits to do this and was wondering what company had done people right the most for these bearings. So: with your experience, what company makes the best bearing/seal kit.

A couple of options...Take your parts out and take them to Motion Industries or similar bearing house. They will probably be able to match them up for about 1/3 the cost of new. I've used kits from Pivot Works before with great success...good price about 1/2 of OEM in most cases) and good parts. All Balls does something similar as well

I've just done swingarm, linkage and shock bearings with Pivot Works kits bought right here on TT! No problems.


Cool i kinda figured that pivot works was one of the tops. good to see they have not let anyone down.

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