07 yz450f oil overflow tube oozzes creamy colored oil after hard ride

i noticed today after riding hard that my 2007 yz 450f was leaking a cream colored oil through the overflow tube that connects to the top of the head(my thought was oil and water mixed) but when i got home i drained the oil and it looked normal to me?? anyone had this happen to them?? how could water get into this tube?? thanks Jameson

From the air. Not too uncommon in cold wet climates. As long as the oil looks good, and there's not a lot of the goo, it's probably just condensation.

TOo much oil in the engine can cause this aswell, along with flippng the bike over while running....personal experience climbing hills! haha!

how many hours on the bike? it can be blow by the piston, if the rings are worn, it blows by and builds up pressure in the crankcase and it has to come out the breather.

its moisture

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