How many links with 14/51 on 02 YZ426F


This is my first post on the site and have learned a lot from the forum. I have bought a 2002 YZ426F and it is my first bike in a long time, used to ride 2 strokes when I was younger.

Anyways, I am just wondering if there is some chart or guide with how many chain links are needed for certain sprocket combos?

I know stock is 14/49 but not sure how many links the chain has, I guess i can head out to the garage and count them.

I just bought new sprockets, 14 front and 51 rear and wondering how many links my chain needs to be.

Any insight or advice would be appreciated.



I don't think it will be any different than stock. If you still have the old chain, mount the sprockets and throw the chain over it to see where it comes out. You can also experiment with leaving room on the sprocket for one extra and see what that does.

You can roughly calculate what you need, though, too:

  • You added two teeth. One will be on the front of the sprocket, and the chain will have to reach over the other one on the back, so that's one extra tooth.
  • The pitch of the chain is 5/8". Both the upper and lower runs of chain will reach half that distance in order to meet each other, so that means you'll need to move the axle 5/16" forward of it's current position.
  • If you add a link, you'll be adding 5/8" x 2, or 1 1/4" to the chain. To compensate, the axle would need to move back half that far, or 5/8". If you then figure in the larger sprocket, you'll need to move forward 5/16" for that, which would give you a net 5/16" back from it's current location.

Sort of a toss up.

Remember to allow for chain stretch. If nothing else, buy a 116 (1 link longer than stock) and cut one link off if it's too long.

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