06 yz450f rear wheel

Need help..... Replace rear wheel with new bearings, new spokes , new rim, but old hub , ck adjustment on both sides of rim , are the same .. but i have movement when i grab the tire from side to side. could it be the sleeve inside the hub ..... thanks :ride:

No. The center spacer keeps the inner races from being pushed inward by the clamping force of the axle. Without it, the bearings would be under such pressure that the wheel would bind up.

The play you see is the play in the bearings. All ball bearings have clearance in them. A healthy bearing in the size range of the rear on a YZF wheel will have as much as .001 to nearly .002" clearance. Since there's two of them, that means the axle could rock .003", and since the rim is 3 times as far from either bear as they are from each other as the bearings are from each other, that means the rim could move .008 or .009" easily. That's normal.

thanks, feel better about it now....:ride:

might be that you did not seat the spokes and they are loose again

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