What is the best tube for tires? How about slime?

I am setting up my new tires. Whats is the best Heavy Duty tube. Is slime a good product to use?

Moose, Bridgestone or Michelin heavy duty tubes. All very good. I have never used slime. :)

Sime is the best stuff ever invented for mountainbikes (or kids bikes). I dont know if I would be so excited about it in a motorcycle application.

If your getting holes in your tubes from thorns, slime would do it. If it is from a pinch flat, no way will it do much.

I have slimed every bike I have owned. after a weekend of rideing one time when washing my bike I found a nail! she still had air in it.dont know how long it was there.good stuff!!!!

I had a flat one time and I slimed it up, no more problems. Just changed the tube when I changed the tire. Great for desert riding.

Slime doesn't hurt tire balance either. I am dual sported and run Michelin DOT tires (Desert front, BAJA rear). I run 60 mph on highways regulary and sometimes zip up to 80-90 mph. No problem with tire balance. One thing that does get me once in a while, when checking air pressure (with the valve/tire rotated to the top position) the slime will clog the valve open. This requires taking the valve out and cleaning it.

I use Michelin airstop heavy duty tubes and industrial strength slime. Works great in the desert.

I'll take the others side of the debate.

Always buy heavy duty tubes although a thorn will puncture a H.D. tube just as fast.

I wouldn't use slime or any fix-a-flat stuff on a inner tube tire they only stay up as long as your moving, stop and they go flat. Also if you take your rim to the dealer to have him put a new tube in it he will not like the green crap all over everything, if you do it yourself then you wont like it.

That stuff works best for tubless ATV tires, then as much as that stuff costs, if you use as much as it takes sometimes you could have just bought a new tire in the first place.

If you have heavy duty tires, and slime them up good, and run the air pressure never below recommended, you can pretty much leave the tire irons in your garage. I ran heavy Pirelli tires, slimed 'em up good, and ran the air pressure at 18 psi. This worked great for me for the last three years up until I traded the bike. Never a flat on trail yet. (By the way, if you are as superstitious as I am, take the tire irons with you anyway just to ward off evil spirits if nothing else.) :)

I agree with the tire pressure theory. When I run long trails away from the camp site I will run 18 front and 15 rear if I know there will be sharp rocks. I find the S12's work good in mud even with high tire pressures. A lot of times you dont have the choice. You have to run mud and rock gardens on the same ride. :)

I didn't think to mention tire pressure. I run 16 front, 18 rear mostly because I don't want to deal with pinch flats. On the KX100 the tire pressure is 12 psi and the tires do have some small mesquite thorns in them. They have gone flat when it sits for a long time (not overnight, a couple of weeks of sitting). Pump it up and ride and it seals up again. Slime works great and its not hard to clean. I do my own tire/tube changes.

To me slime is a waste of money. For the record, slime has never worked for me on any kind of puncture, but it has worked real well in glueing the tube to the tire and making a mess. I run 12 to 14 psi so that may have something to do with it as you guys are running higher pressures? I am now using Fly heavy duty tubes and flats are a memory. The last tube went for over 3 years, and it wore out. Bike tires run around 50 psi and slime works for them, does pressure make it work?

I replace the stock tubes before riding with heavy duty tubes and slime them. I do a bunch of races in Texas and the thorns down there will get ya with out the slime, have used this set up for years with no problems.

FLY tubes. 6000 miles on my WR and they originally came off my XR250 which was another 2000. Wore out tube and replaced with Malcom Smith (MSR) tube but it is not as thick and will soon be replaced with FLY tube.

I tried slime in my last rear tire...after the tube split I will never use it again...What a mess to clean up back at the trailer....

Bib's or extra heavy duty tubes for me.

Bonzai :)

Run any heavy duty tube to prevent pinch flats and slime them. I run motorcycle tours through the Andes mountains with 5-8 bikes running 1000 miles or so over 6-9 days and we ALLWAYS set up our tires like this prior to a tour. We pick up lots of nails and as long as you don't get a rip the slime will seal it. I run about 5oz per tire. We run about 15-16psi and this seems to be a good compromise on handling and preventing pinch flats and rim damage

I can't believe all the guys saying they don't like the Slime??!! I figured I wouldn't need it, cause' i'm in the northeast in the woods.. wouldn't ya know it, I get a flat about 2 mile from home...THAT SUCKED~!!!!!!!!! finally got it home, SLIMED it and.......never had a problem yet.

Just bought my wife a new bike and SOME SLIME..i have no desire to push a bike home again!!!!!

It works, and as reported earlier.....it doesn't cost much!! :)

Six bikes and eight years I have never had a flat with a Moose tube.........but then I am kind of a Wanker too. :)

Just replaced both front and rear tubes with heavy duty Fly tubes. The stock tubes are so thin you can see the air in them. The Fly tubes weight about 3lbs each vs less than 1lb for the stockers. Try these tubes! They hold up! I have never had slime work for me, but thick heavy rubber inner tubes let me ride like I want.

I have used Slime for years in my MTB tubes. I swear by the stuff. I have recently started using it in my dirt bike tubes. To this point I have had no flats. Slime works. If you go flat with Slime no heavy duty tube would have helped. Even if you go flat with Slime just air up and keep going. Sometimes the second time around it will seal.

Exactly. Slime will seal. All you need is a small handheld air pump. Works great for me.

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