What is the best tube for tires? How about slime?

I go down to the bike shop to change the tires and put in tubes. I had a flat and couldn't fix if the slime. So I went down to the bike shop and had them give me a new tire and a tube and mount it for me. I get home ride my bike for bout 20mins and I look down and my new back tire is flat. So tommrow I have to go spend 10 bucks on a new tube and 20 bucks to put it in my tire. :) Darn the luck.


Did you keep the old tube? What kind of a puncture or tear did you have?

Time to learn how to change you own tubes out. Gives you the opportunity to inspect the inside of the rim for problems. You may need to add a liner. An old tube cut up, duct tape or a manufactured rubber liner would help with wear problems.

That thought on liners...protection from the spoke nipples, got me thinking about something. I know this has nothing to do with tubes or slime, but what are your thoughts on using loctite red on the spoke to keep them from loosening? And on tubes, has anyone ever tried those solid tire inserts?

No locktite on the spokes. The nipples dont come unscrewed, things happen like the spokes stretch, settle in, seat etc. With the red, trueing up the wheel would become a nightmare with stripped spoke nipples. As for the best tube, it has to be the Bridgestone Ultra Duty tubes. I replaced both tubes in my new WR450F with these, but I'm here to tell ya, they are probably more HD than I needed. And the weight was quite a bit. I'd recomend just the Heavy Duty. The HD's are about twice as thick as the standard ones, and the UHD is about twice as thick as the HD units. I probably wont buy them again, but if you love super duty, these are for you! Little tough to work with during tire install also.

Sime is the best stuff ever invented for mountainbikes (or kids bikes). I dont know if I would be so excited about it in a motorcycle application.

If your getting holes in your tubes from thorns, slime would do it. If it is from a pinch flat, no way will it do much.

I actually quit getting pinch flats when I started using slime in the front tube. It lubes the tube and slides instead of snake biting....I wouldn't ride without it, at least in the front, never had a pinch flat in the rear. :cry:

I run 11-12psi in frt, ~10-11 in back......no pinches in the S.AZ rocks, which are plentiful and mean!

I always run the Moose Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes. Yeah, they are heavier but so is slime once you put that stuff in so I think it's about even.

I also run 16-17 psi front and rear. Much more than that and handling really goes away. In rare instances, I've still gotten a pinch flat in the front but I'm running hard when it happened through nasty rocks. BrandonW can see exactly where I had the last one. :cry:

I also run a stout front tire for most of my riding. This time I've got a Maxxis IT up front so we'll see how that holds up against high speed rock runs. :cry:

I run heavy duty tubes with slime. I run the bike to high in the "rocky" Rockeys to the plains down in Texas. Up in the mtns lots of rocks to hit and down in Texas lots of things that will poke a tire flat. This set up has served me very well.

I use Bridgestone heavy duty tubes and a sliime like product called Proflight ATV sealant and 15 PSI.Flats are rare .I keep a Co2 in my fanny pak just in case.

I just got the Bridgestone Ultra extra HD tubes. WOW! Talk about a Tube! It is almost like having a tire within a tire!

I use a product similar to slime, and its called oko and i run it with bridgestone tubes.

this as been a good set up for me and ive never had a flat tyre so far.

I have never had a flat using slime

I've never used slime, and I've never had a flat either. I have had impacts that I thought for sure would pinch the tube, but no. I also don't go below 12psi either tire and have michelin bajas, which are tough tires.

How do you use slime anyway? Correct me if I'm wrong, but does it go into the tube or outside it? I wouldn't think it would be a problem to change a tire if the stuff is in the tube and the tube is not slit open. :cry:

The Barun red rubber tubes are the best I have used. Easy to iinstall and very puncture resistant but they may no longer be available. I hear good things about the Dunlop heavy duty tubes but if you absolutely don't want flats look into a bib moose or equivalent.

Willy fitz

Use good tires good tubes run 10 lbs of air to race. no flats :cry:

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