The Wheelie King Killed on Sunday...

Doug Domokos, the famous wheelie king, was killed on Sunday, November 26, 2000 in an ultralight aircraft accident.

For those of you who dont know who he is, he was very famous in the early 80's for doing insane wheelies. He was the guy in the movie "Cannonball Run" who rode the wheelie on the harley chopper with the stunt double on the back. He held the world record for the longest wheelie, he was sick.

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On the first day of each new quarter when I was in college the instructor would always conclude the end of the period with "Does anyone have any other questions?".

Just to screw with them, I would always raise my hand and asked, "What ever happened to Doug Domokos"?

They never knew the answer, and I'm sure it didn't do much for my grades, but this dude was a hero of mine when I was in high school skipping class to practice wheelies on a XT250.

Doug faded in the later years and I always wondered. So the question seemed appropriate.

How sad that such a fun guy has now departed.

For those not aware, he would wheelie, during intermission, an entire SuperCross track. Whoops, jumps, ruts, you name it. And I believe he also held the record for taking a CBR750F around one of the stadiums for about 20 miles or so...on one wheel.

We'll, it's sad, but I feel better knowing that he passed away doing something he enjoyed.

Please honor him with a wheelie as your ride this weekend.



We have a lot in common, too much in fact.

I was on your same level. I don’t know why, but the first time I saw him on that show "That’s Incredible", my mind was blown. I was already into bikes at the age of 12, and watching him made me want that ability to blow peoples minds. My parents never let me get a bike, but as I got older and the rules change, I finally got one in high school, and you can bet, the first thing I learned was how to wheelie. Ironically, I had the same bike you did, a 1984 Honda XL250. I still have pictures of it. I got so good on that thing, I used to wait until all the buses pulled out of the lot and came to a stop at the light on whittier and river road. Just before it turned green, I would ride up, pop it up, and ride alongside all the buses. Not just a wussy wheelie, a full on 1st-5th gear wheelie. Everyone would freak. I was the man on campus. Out of the 9 guys that rode their bikes to school, none of them could touch me. I was the only one with a Daul Sport who could really ride it like a Dual Sport. It was killer.

As I got older, I knew that power wheelies were not the real deal, because Doug could ride forever in one gear. I bought his book and tried to learn the real balance wheelies, all with the back brake and steady throttle. I called him on the phone several times and spoke with him, he was very helpful in telling me how to do wheelies. I even got his promotional video that he sends out to do bookings.

Unfortunately I had a major accident Jumping my KX250 in March which prevents me from ever wheelieing again, so I never quite got to that level. Let me tell you, what he did was very calculated and precise. True balance, and balls out. Getting a bike to be totally vert is pretty scary, let alone riding a wheelie DOWN hills, stairs and over cars.

HE was sick.

He was my hero since I was a kid, and still to this day.

I called his house yesterday and spoke with his dad, apparently the ultralight collapsed at 1000 feet, he was with an instructor, they threw their chutes in desperation but it didn’t save them.

We have truly lost a legend.

Godspeed Doug.

-Eric Jurin

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