Megabomb header on 06YZ450F

I just came across a megabomb header for $30 but it is from an 07 YZ450. I know the fmf website says 03-06 but how much different is the 07 head pipe and has anyone tried it on the 06 YZ450?:ride:


The biggest difference is that the diameter of the pipe at the midpipe joint changed. If you have the stock silencer you may be able to get away with using the stock midpipe gasket for an 07 to make it fit.

I currently have the fmf 4.1C.

I currently have the fmf 4.1C.

If it is a V2 factory 4.1 (made after 07) then it should have a large midpipe with an aluminum sleeve to size down to the header size. Just use the correct sleeve for the megabomb you get and it will work.

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