Comparisons and Toy Stores

Hey Guys,

Yes, it's the annonymous Mitch. The man of mystery.. :)

AS you may be aware, I have purchased a YZ250, 2000 model 2-stroke. Pro-circuit head work, suspension and pipe. Dont worry, I still have the 400, but I have bumped it to a 420.

In any case, we went riding this weekend around some tight and wide open trails. On the tighter trails where I was required to "back-it-in", the 2-smoke was alot quicker and less tiring to ride. But, when the trails opened up and I needed power that would hook rather than spin, well, I wish I were on the 420.

Both bikes have their uses. For MX, the 2 smoke by a long way. Sorry guys, I am quicker on it. For trail riding, the 420 by a long way... I guess this would be a similar comparison between the YZF250 and 426.

I can say this for certain, riding the bikes back to back, you can certainly feel the weight difference.

I will send photo's of the toy shop one the race trailer is finished.



Good to hear your still alive and kickin.

When I first got my WR4, I was coming off of a KX250. After a couple rides on my 400, I could barely ride the KX. Suspension felt clapped out (it was), I blew thru turns because I got used to the engine braking.

I agree about the weight, you can really feel it. Funny thing though, I rode a GP on the KX one year and got very tired, barely hanging on at the end. The next year I rode the WR and I wasn't nearly as tired (I was in similar physical shape for both races).

I am sure a lot of this is due to the fact that the WR had fresher suspension, but I don't think that was all of it. You would expect to be more tired on the heavier bike, but I think it is because it is easier to ride. You shift a lot less and don't have to flail around trying to keep the thing "on the pipe".


Why did you go to 420 cc? The reason I ask is my bike may have major engine difficulties... :)


Hey Heywood,

I agree with you. In some cases the 420 is alot easier to ride as it requires less shifting and smoother transition. But, what I have found is squaring off the corners for inside passes is alot easier on the 250.... This thing lofts the wheel in first three gears.. :) Still Lovvvveeee the power of the 420... Cant wait for the 450... :D

Hey Mike:

Went with the 420 when I realised I needed to change my piston and rings.... You say major engine difficulties.. Please explain... Maybe I can offer some advice (unlikely) aswell as some sympathy... :D



Look at the post "does WR stand for won't run ?". A co-worker of mine went to Austrailia a few weeks ago. He went to Koolangatta (sp?). Said it was wonderful!


I have a 420 kit in my 98 YZ. The power is great, the reliability sucks. DON"T DO IT WITHOUT CHANGING TO A 426 ROD. Talk to Stroker about this, or Montclair Yamaha. Both have a lot of YZ experience. I'm currently rebuilding my 400 with 426 rod and piston.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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