MX School or Instructor in La. ??

Anyone know of any MX school or instructor in Louisiana or southern Mississippi? I am 34 years old and new to MX. I've been riding a 2000 426 since April (first MX bike I have owned). I've ridden at Close Encounters in La. several times for practice but I'm learning as I go and would like to learn proper techniques with hopes of racing ASAP while avoiding bodily injury. Don't have time to motor up to Gary Bailey's or Semics. Anyone from La. know of any local instructors, especially specific to 4-stroke style?

I don't know of any instructors locally. When Fernwood in Mississippi was WFO, a pro out of Florida had some classes there. I think his name is Brandon Cunningham. Would you be interested in doing some practice sessions together? James is working now and Close Encounters is closed during the week. RATS! Kentwood may still allow weekday practice if you're game. Play racing against each other could help us both out. Let me know.

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Boit, I would certainly be game for some practice with a fellow 4-stroker. I usually work Mon.-Fri. but I can alter my schedule if I have about a week or two advance notice. I haven't been to Fernwood yet but have been wanting to. Have you done the Thursday night thing at Rock Hill? You can e-mail me at

Sorry to be so long in replying. I worked 16 hour shifts this past weekend and had some family business to attend to Monday. Anyway, yes I've rode Rock Hill once back in February. A fellow senior rider from Destrehan said he knew they had a night practice and off we went. Well, that schedule had changed. Luckily, one of the owners happened by and felt sorry for us and allowed us to ride for a few hours. Haven't been back since mostly due to the long drive.

Zack: I haven't had any problems with my 2000 426 other than a little carb adjustment and air leak. I remember Chris Daigle. He's been racing for quite sometime. When I got back into racing in '94, I went to WFO in Fernwood and he was racing that day. For some reason, he got annoyed at something and gave his 2nd place trophy to my son. I had a little fun with my wife and that trophy when I got home.You interested in doing a little buddy riding? I don't like riding alone in case I get hurt...there's nobody to call for help. Maybe you and Thumpa and I can get a little practice time together. Game?

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I have ridden at close encounters, their are

some fast guys riding four strokes at this track, ask for Chris Daigle he can give you some pointer on riding four strokes.

Have had any problems with your 426?

Any strange sounds coming from the engine?



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