Lowering a WR450

I just got back from a week in the Sierras riding my Dual Sported WR450. What a great bike! Everything worked well, but it was too tall for me on tight technical trails. Can this bike be lowered 2-3 inches? Any input would be helpful.


Trade it in for a new 2004 CRF450X Honda. 37" seat height! Then you can get a lowering kit for it to get down to 36" seat height. :)

You can lower any bike 2-3 inches, it requires the suspension be taken off (forks and shock) and sent to your favorite suspension guru, the do some tricky stuff to the internals to lower them (not just cutting springs) which include machining spacers etc. the absolute best way to do this is to really understand your suspension first, make sure that it is dialed in for you, compression rebound, spring rate etc. and that it is the way you like it for the type of riding you do, that way when you take the components to your guy you can have them lower it while keeping the functionality the same, that is one thought, the other thought is that if the bike is new (which it sounds like) and you have these mods done then you will "chase" the settings around after the work is done to get it just right, again for your style of riding, this all normal stuff when first setting a bike up for YOU.

Keep in mind that lowering the suspension 2-3 inches REMOVES that 2-3 inches from the usable travel, and the very best way to do this is to have new springs made instead of cutting the ones that are in there, this is usually about $150.00 by itself and as I recall there are only 2 companies in the states that can wind a custom spring acurately.

Call Dave at GP Suspension in Oregon City Oregon (formerly Circuit One) this guy is a guru and lowered my 426 as well as prepped my GSX-R750 SuperBikes when i was still road racing. Tell him Dauv McNeely told you to call.


You will never use another suspension guy again once Dave lays hands on your stuff.

Good luck!

Check the Kouba website. They have a lowering kit coming out next month. I think it's www.koubalink.com. That should take care of it. I'm doing the same.

You can set the rear shock preload to 0 (on the bench), and shed 2 or more inches off the seat. But the race sag will be wrong, of course.

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