Brand New '03 WR450F

Hi everyone I have just taken delivery of a new 03 WR450F and have come across spark plug fouling problems.

Bike has only been out a couple of times with not even 100k's on clock.

Problem is engine running rough (backfires). I queried the dealer who said not to worry about it until at least 500k's. I thought fine and took bike out again today with result of dead bike after around twenty minutes. I changed plug and was up and running for around 10 minutes before next stop.

Can someone offer advice on what to do :D:):D

What jeting is in your bike? It sounds strange that you are fouling plugs and have a backfire from a lean condition.

Jetting is standard from factory - I have not touched it.

It is 2:00am here at moment - I will check in the morning..

any other things to look at ?? :)

Have taken bike back to dealer who suspects dirty fuel.... damnit!! :):D

Let us know what you find out.

Got the bike back today with a hand full of crap that was clogging the main jet.

I had used a brand new jerry can to refuel the bike.... note to self "flush any new petrol container before using it !!" :D....

Bike has been re-tuned and I can't wait to let it rip this week-end.

Thanks for the advice. I stumbled upon TT while desperately looking for answers and can't believe what a fantastic source of information this is. I have been logging on every day since just to read what other people are experiencing.

It is even nice to see that a number of fellow Aussies are regular contributors. :)

We like Aussies, it's the french we run out of here.

Your going to enjoy your new bike.

Hey Mr. Down under. You guys have access to the 25l tank offered for the WR450f. I want one. I talked to a dealer who gave me a price of 600.00 US to get the tank bought and shipped over to the US. Do you have any info on this tank, such as availability, your cost, perhaps even shipping? thanks

Never heard of a tank like that.

$600US is big money, sounds like BS to me.

How did you find this thread, 2003?

Barnes in Australia made a 6 galllon tank for the WR450 for the safari race. It may still be available and a steal at $600. Very few tanks were made but the range was 200 miles on the bikes under race conditions. :naughty:


Here is another shot of the tank that has no shrouds. Just 6 gallon gas tank! :naughty:


Bloody hell $600 is way over the odds in my book.

Thanks for the info Indy.

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