Front Disk Guard-Aluminum or Plastic

I'm going to add a front disk guard to my WR450F, need opinions on aluminum vs. plastic. My TE410 has plastic, works fairly well, but I have had to repair it a few times.

Devol and GYT-R both offer aluminum, thought it might be the way to go. Thanks for your pros/cons input.


I picked up the Devol product at a parts house. It looked cool, but it also looked like it had a pretty close tolerance. My plastic one has plenty of room and I doubt anything would ever get stuck. And if it did the plastic would flex letting it out or at least allow my rotor or wheel to get damaged.

Think of it this way. Would you rather leave your bike in a ditch after bending any of the rotors, or ride out unharmed?

Me, I use Devol aluminum rotor guards. :)

I have an acerbis plastic rotor guard on mine. It has held up fine for 2 years with no damage to the guard or rotor. It is really scuffed up from all of the falls so it must be working. :)

It looks cool but it will not protect you as good as the other brands IMO.

It looks cool but it will not protect you as good as the other brands IMO.

I agree it doesn't protect as much surface area as a solid disk guard does.I saw one mounted on a guys KTM and its much stronger than plastic,or my Eline CF disk guard.

Thanks for the input guys, I opted for plastic.

Todd :)

It depends what you want to protect yourself from. I had just one case of bend front rotor and it was from fallen free branch entering my rotor about just a little over this protection shark fin. But in rocks I guess it is much stronger compared to plastic. I wander how much is the weight difference between plastic and alu :) ...

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