426 vs 660r

I know this is a Dirt bike thumping page and i could get shot for even mentioning a four wheeler but has anyone out there drag raced one of these raptors.

No, but in a related story, I on my '99 400F and my friend on his CR500 smoked a pair of slightly hopped up banshees the other day. In deep sand, no less, and they started first. I was rather happy. BTW: His CR500 pulled away from me pretty quick as well.

I read in a magazine that raptors only have around 38 horses. Just doesn't add up. Seems like quads have always had really conservative motors compared to dirt bikes. Read an article where they put an old CR250 engine in a 250R quad, and just couldn't believe how powerful it was.

Never really made sense to me.

Originally posted by Jason:

Seems like quads have always had really conservative motors compared to dirt bikes.

I recently witnessed a drag race between a pair of ’00 400s, XR vs. TRX. Of course the XR blew the quad out of the water, I believe it is rated at 5 or 6 HP less and is probably 75 pounds heavier than the XR.

I think several factors are at play, weight, “target audience,” and intended use. The stuff that 90% of quad owners do would probably be LESS fun if they had a quad w/ power characteristics like a modern MX race bike. Plus, not to flame anybody, but the average quad owner probably can’t even use the power they’ve got on tap now.

Having said that I’ll agree that I probably can’t use all the power of my YZFM either…

I would imagine that there are very few quads out there that can stay with a 426, 400 or even a decent running 250. Not enough HP to haul that weight and overcome the friction and weight of all that rubber.

BTW having ridden a banshee and a TRX back to back I gotta ask, why would anyone buy a banshee (those things handle terrible)?

I raced some at Glamis about a month ago. They're fast, but no match for the '426.

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