Indiana WR400 Jetting?

Just found out there is a track only 20 minutes away from my mother's house in Valpo. I am coming back to Portage for my 20 year reunion. Now I am thinking of dragging the bike back with me to check it out. Can anyone give me jetting advice for my YZ timed '99 WR400. I live in the altitude of Denver and have never had it lower than 4000 feet. I wouldn't even know where to start. Thanks, Doug


I live 40min from Valpo and have ridden there myself, you will have fun there. I have the same year bike with YZ jetting and pipe. I did have good luck with the jetting that YAMAKAZE uses, but at the end of last year I started playing with the EMM needle and Taffy jetting with some good results, but with all that has been going on with moving I have not played with the bike this year at all :D. I plan on working on my bike this week and will let you know what I have. When are you going? :)


Thanks WRFUN. I will be back July 6th throught the 14th. I planned on going sometime during the week as the weekend of the 11th will be booked with reunion functions.

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