Raising forks in triple clamps

$575.00 for a revalve and spring is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! I can get it done for $250.00 to $300.00 all day long by very competent tuners.....

Hell I just had my YZ forks Valved with new Race Tech "Delta Valves" new seals, new wipers, new slides and bushings for $340.00 out the door. And that was at a Yamaha dealership. If I had taken it (or Shipped them) to MXTUNER (TT MEMBER) it would have been less expensive.

Sounds like someone is fixing to get a multi-fingered prostate inspection...

Bonzai :)

I think that price included the rear shock too.

I think that price included the rear shock too.

It was front & rear. I've heard of riders spending $650 for the same thing. :D

Smoke :)

Hey, thanks for the tip about watching how high you raise the forks. I went home and checked just to make sure and I still have about 4 mm left before the legs taper. I should have checked that a little closer.

Later :)

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