YZ250 vs YZ426F

Need some help !!! I currently have a YZ'ed 99 WR400 which is used for MX. I am now ready for a new machine. I am looking at the YZ250 or the YZ426. Has anyone rode a 01 YZ250 and 01 YZ426f?, if so can you give me some comparison information?????????

Well a few years ago I did the "smaller lighter quicker " bike thing, I got a KTM 200 MXC dumped a ton of money into it to turn it into a 200 SX. To this day it has been the best racing bike I ever owned, the thing was light ,quick, and a blast to race, BUT! plain and simple it was down on power, sure I could come throught the pack, but then I had to everytime, and then I would run out of time in the moto. Believe me I like it much more hiting the first turn in the top 3 with my 426 than 12th. The 250f is going to be a great bike in the 125 class but a good ride is going to beat the thing to death to get it to run with a 250 2 smoke or 426's,501 berg's ,or KTM 520's. Theres no replacement for displacement when it comes to 4 srtokes.

Thanks for the input - I forgot about the 250f, but I was refering to the YZ250 2-stroke. I have a strange itch to try out the yz250 2-smoke, or should I go with the 426.

I have a 2001' YZ426 and LOVE it to death! It so so cool being able to go around a berm behind a YZ250 and pull the clutch in and rev it about 5 times real high and watch them go crazy ...they either fly over the berm or get out of your way cause the 426 sounds mean!! It revs so much faster and gets "in the powerband" alot quicker for 01' model compared to the 00' (cause the titanium valves) This bike for sure will make you a better rider and be able to ride longer! It has worked for me and a TON others! Just my 2 cents!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I've been riding a 00yz250 for a year and decided to buy a well equiped low hour 426 for several reasons. One-the torque of the 426 is well above the 250. 2-unless you like to be clutch happy, the 250 needs to have a finger on the clutch at all times. I could go on stating differences. I have had my 426 for a short while and already notice that I am able to get traction to the ground when needed whereas the 250 was a little more loose and at times unpredictable. I like both bikes and recommend either one. I think the 426 is more tractable and has more on top, it feels a little stabler in conditions. Your pick- premix or straight gas

Jimyz - thanks for the input. I would like to hear what other differences you have noticed. Do you race the 426?

I'd have to recommend the 200 MXC....will smoke any YZ'd WR around!

James, I noticed in tight slow turns that the extra wieght was noticable but as soon as you get on the gas its not a factor. I ride mostly intermediate and one novice mx track. I do ride offroad now and then. The 426 seems a little more versatile than the 250. The bike jumps well and I like the torque out of tight turns to clear doubles. The 426 likes wheelies and is more predictable on power sliding. I don't find starting to be an issue. The power of the 426 is more linear(predictable) in delivery because it is a 4-stroke. You don't always need to be on the pipes powerband like the two stroke. I am not an expert rider but I think the 426 is a bike with many qualities that will give your riding skills a challenge while rewarding as well. I am looking forward to riding my 00yz426 more but winter is trying to rear its seasonal ugly head. OK- jumps well, sounds mean, turns well, mega power, no premix, idles, likes to be ridden hard, don't forget to keep the oil changed.

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