2006 problems

Hey guys, I am real confused at the moment. My 06 has been having some problems lately, and quite frankly i have no clue what the problem is. First, I had a stator problem, which was fixed. I took the bike to the track, and it ran fine for a while, then towards the end of the day it began to get kind of sputtery and would just cut out. So I called it a day. I came home and did an oil change and there was an awful lot of metal on my magnetic drain plug (I am not sure if that is significant or not, it was just way more than usual.) Started the bike, and everything seemed fine. Took it up and down the street a few times and it shut off real abruptly like it did when the stator went out the first time. I started it again though without a problem and when i was coming back up my street it did the same thing, but this time the kickstarter was completely frozen, but the rear wheel wasnt locked. Where should I begin looking?? Any input is appreciated

If you pull the flywheel cover, see if you find a lot of metal in there as well, stuck on the magnet and around the stator coils, etc. Could be a bad bearing is the cause of your ignition problems.

well there was quite a bit metal in there. so i am assuming you are correct there. Any ideas about the frozen kickstarter?

Could be a number of things. Time to open it up and look.

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