crf 150r valve float problems!!!!!

hey guys, Im new here, I love bikes and love to tear them apart, and I have a litlle bit of a problem my lil brother´s crf 150r has a valve float problem Ive put new gaskets on, new valves on, new cylinder head well its fairly new Its been running for two months now but recently it started to make a valve noise and indeed both intake valves hit the piston has anyone seen this before and can someone please tell me what to do!!!!!:ride:

Honda had an update on the CRF150's. It included a new cam, new intake valves and valve springs. PM me your model year and vin # and I'll see if it is in the affected range, and if it was ever performed. It was for "cam breakage" but did include the springs and valves so I suspect float was an issue as well. They are always tight-lipped about their problems. The update was free of charge at the time. It was on the 1st year bikes, 07 I believe. There was also a swingarm recall.

Hey thanks for the info! it is a 2007 crf the number is JH2KE03B77K000137 but I think that it wont apply to me cuz Im in Guatemala not Guinea! but heres what I did I put stiffer springs on ( wr 400) which are very alike, and an extra cylinder gasket but the noise wont go away and what would happen if I put an extra cylinder gasket?

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