No 2011 DR-Z400E?

Is Suzuki discontinuing the DR-Z400E for 2011? I can't seem to get on their website right now but if I remember right they do not even show a 2010 model.

It looks like the trusty DR400E might be replaced with a ?RM-Z450X? model. If this is true, I hope that they consider reliability into the design of the new bike. I liked the size and reliability of the DR400E. Not enough power to always make you hang on with a death grip (like the modern 450cc race bikes), but enough to still be really fun. Just right. I even think a 350cc would have been better than a 450 for the new off-road design. A 250cc just doesn't have it though.....especially when they detune it a little to make it reliable (WR250R, KLX250, CRF230...etc.....NO POWER). The only thing that I would have liked to see is some weight savings (quite a bit could have been had by going with a 350 instead of a 450 IMHO).

I just looked at their website. They still have the 400E listed...but as a 2007 model. Perhaps using up inventory?

But they also have the new 2010 RMX450Z listed on the site. The writing is on the wall.

It is still only a five speed...but it has pretty much everything else everybody has wanted...and is only 278lbs.

It is still only a five speed...but it has pretty much everything else everybody has wanted...and is only 278lbs.

Hopefully reliability too. I think it will be tough to beat the 400E in that department. :ride:

That's what an e model weighs. I would take an e model over the rmzx anyday.

I bet they get rid of it. After all Honda got rid of the trusty xr400/250

is this thread a joke?

is this thread a joke?

Nope. Why do you say that? :ride:

Nope. Why do you say that? :ride:

suzuki discontinued the E in 2007 in the USA

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Australia has a 2010 E spec afaik

Australia has a 2010 E spec afaik

That is true but the OP is from here in the USA, where the E hasn't been offered for a while.

I guess the dealers that I've been to really don't know their stuff because I've asked multiple dealers (from multiple states) for DRZ400E prices and they all get me quotes for new ones. :ride: I guess I didn't get the memo (appearently they didn't either).

Australia has a 2010 E spec afaik

we have new DRZ 's with 2010 graphics

LOL isn't that what we've received every year?

I cannot see in ANY WAY the RMX-450 replacing the DRZ-400.

The RMX is NOT able to be licensed for the road (in Canada anyway) so the dual sport component is not an option.

Secondly, Suzuki sells HUGE volumes of DRZ's ... why would they drop this line.

The RMX is DIRECT competition as a pure off-road bike (same as the Honda CRF450X and Yamaha WR450F).

I cannot see the DRZ going anywhere ...

The RMX is not street legal, and is high maintenance.

I think it just might be the replacement for E.

The RMX-450Z is getting great reviews here and I also heard that it's got 1500 miles oil change interval. Not 100% on that but if it's true I'd say that's commitment to reliability.

Personally I'd just love them to wrap a DRZ engine in an alloy frame and give it some really trick suspenders.:ride:

I'm not even overly bothered about a 6th gear but it would be nice.

FI - not really needed, 39mm FCR does the job nicely.:ride:

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