what is the best hot cams combo

i will be buying a set of hot cams just undecided on which combo to get. it will be going on a yz250f with a cylinder works 269cc big bore kit. if i buy both stage 1 cams and stage 2 cams can i swap say stage 1 intake and a stage 2 exhaust? if so how will it run?

Call Hot Cams and ask to speak to Steve Beaver 1-515-402-8000. Their customer service is good. Not sure if Steve will be able to answer your specific question, but they have done the testing. He will ask you if you are trail riding and need bottom end torque or if you live on the rev limiter. Personally, the bore kit you have will boost the bottom end by itself. Friend of mine has a 262 high compression kit in his and it runs like a 450. We got a Stage 1 exhaust for my son's '02 bike for the auto decomp feature and its great. Good luck.

i've got an 02 that's all stock besides a slip on. but my 07 has a 12 to 1 piston and a stage 1 exhaust cam, the 07 screams compared to the 02. not sure how different the power is between the years but there's a massive difference through the whole rpm range

Depends your riding style like everyone else says, but all around for a 250f I like the stage 1 intake with the stage 2 exhaust cam. It's the best of both worlds.

Your adding a big bore for low end, why go w/ stage 1.

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