New 2009 YZ450F

I have always loved Yamahas but I have been riding an 06 KTM300 for several years. The problem is that my 14 year old son has outgrown his CR85 and is looking really good on my KTM300. As you my well imagine it looks like the 3 hunney is going to be his.

My local Yamaha dealer has a new 09 YZ450 for 4899.00 plus he will work with me on a trade for the CR85.

Do you guys think that is a fair price? I don't know what they will offer me for the CR but the 09 450 is a bike I would like because of the Yamaha reliabilty and and after market support.

We ride cross country and woods and I have a good deal on a KTM 450XC-F which is a monster bike, but they have had some oiling problems with the top end....where the Yammy is known to be indestructible.

Please, give me what you can as I plan to move on one or the other tommorrow.


The price seems great to me. I paid more than that for my 2009 250F. If they give you a good price for the CR85, all the better.

I also have a KTM 450 XC-W and love it. It's really the better bike for trail riding, but obviously the YZ is better on the track. Not sure what year KTM you're looking at, but I don't think the newer ones have any oil problems. Mine has been completely reliable.

I would go with the Yamaha. Looks like a good price. You will love the new bike.

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