fuel screw O-ring..Help please??

Hi there, I have a ZIP TY fuel screw installed in my 2001 wr250 f..I have had it out several times. However this time , i cannot for the life of me get the oring out of the orfice..I got the screw, spring and flat washer to come out, then tried to dig out the o-ring with the fuel screw itself, and to no prevail.. Tried some wd-40 up there, and gently tried to snag it with a small , long nail. I dont have any "picks", right angled ones, that will fit up there. I KNOW it is still up there, because i can feel it with the screw..Any suggestions, tips, etc?.. I rather NOT remove the carb for something of this nature. Also, for some reason im not likeing this brand fuel screw. It feels sloppy, and the spring is terrible im my opinion. What fuel screws do you guys like?..Thanks so much, a wonderful board:banana:

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