gona buy drz400, unless you can convince me WR250R?

hey, am about to buy '09drz400s. had '03klx400/'07drz400sm before. now i ride a Buell on street, so i want another dualsport to use almost exclusively offroad. i don't have truck, so it has to be dualsport.

i have read n read n read.......seems like wr250r is awesome bike!

BUT, am 6'1" 235lbs, will the wr have enuff power for me offroad? no racing, but i want to have fun on it. i will pipe/gear/bars/pegs eventually......

out of the two offers i have, the wr is exactly $1000 more out the door.....

m stressn, 'cause i was jus about to sign on the drz, but don't want to be riding it, askn myself: what if?

sorry for the "dead horse" question......can you please help?

buy the DRZ and give it $1000 in upgrades... unless EFI is that meaningful to you

(yes; I have a DRZ without $1000 in upgrades)

We have some club members that LOVE their WRRs, though, so who knows? You may be very happy on either one

You've already owned DRZ so that should make the decision a bit easier since you're already familiar with the bike.

The WRR has a bit less power stock, but has the benefit of EFI and a 6th gear.

If those two things don't matter to you, you're probably better off with a DRZ for a grand less.

a grand less AND i have a corbin seat and a clarke tank off of my sm........

i posted this question over in another area too, hope i don't get in trouble for ethat, jus hopin for qwik answers. wil be buyin 1of them next week.

Ive had both,, dragged both, etc. the wr takes some mods to get it to drag next to the drz but its realistic. pretty poor on bottom end though in comparison.. thats what you expect with 150 cc's less but it really sings after about 6k.

I really believe the drz in S form handles pretty poor. The wr handles better than any other ds bike IMHO If I was in your shoes and had the extras I'd consider a drz-e and street mod it or the s if you don't mind the handling.

I've owned both.

The DRZ is more powerful.

The WR250R has a much smoother motor, has significantly lower vibes on the highway thanks to its smooth motor and nice wide gear spread AND 6th gear, is much more comfortable, requires less maintenance, and needs zero modifications to ensure reliability beyond the standard skid plate, rad guard (one rad btw), and hand guards. Oh yeah, and its fuel injected with a reliable electric starter and battery, plus a 350w alternator to run all the accessories and lights you want.

I don't miss the power personally.

The better the suspension the faster you go and the WRR has that in spades.

I have been looking at smaller dual sports the last couple years, so have been doing a lot of reading on what's available and had a chance to ride a few . I have noticed that almost everyone who has bought the WR 250 or the KLX 250 has rated them low in power and complains about them not having much low end torque. I have driven the KLX 250 stock and moded and agree that they are weak under 4K rpms. I just got rid of a DRZ400E and the difference in power was night and day. I also have a stock 2009 XT250 and it has noticably more low end guts than the KLX. If you are used to the low end power of the DRZ, then you may be disapointed with one of the 250's, any chance of getting a test ride before you buy ?

Wow, I can't believe the WR hasn't enough low end grunt. I can climb some pretty steep stuff with mine; granted I had to switch to a 12 T front sprocket but I didn't lose much up top by doing that. I had a DT200, and that thing went anywhere. This WR puts that old ride to sleep. :ride: Never thought I'd say that about another enduro close to size.

Its mostly a matter of preferance. I would go for the wr but would go with the 450.were about the same size and have ridden a 250 f and it just doesnt have the power im looking for. Needless to say i own a 05 wr 450 and i love it.

the torque aspect, notwithstanding:

I have heard the WRR measures up to the DRZ in every other regard... it weighs almost the same, but people report that it feels lighter, and less top heavy... both important considerations for an off road mount... less grunt, but with 6 speeds you can re-gear to minimize that...

I have a WR250F and like it, but do miss the torque on hill climbs, and trail rides

Best friend has a DRZ. Good bit more torque down low, The carb is more smooth than FI twitching when you're riding slow. I only notice that though when I ride his bike, ive had FI on most of my bikes and its all the same. Drz is not anywhere close to the wide pull band of the WRR. Pegs are higher and its a tad wider, the feel overall is not as offroad friendly. But its still an awesome bike and cheaper, bulletproof, and they will be the same speed with equal riders

i jus can't decide.........if some of this snow would go away, am gona try n ride the wr!

funny to get the drz recommendations here in the wrr forum!

But if you want more power, better low end torque & cheaper, i'm siding with my homies here.. get the drz. I also had one for 3 years & it was a very fun bike. plenty of useable power, lots of fun.. i switched to the wr for lighter, lower, newer tech, & just something different. I'm happy with the switch, but if you like a little more zing in the throttle, the drz has it... at least my E model with jetting, pipe, & other performance mods had more than enough for me.

let's not disregard the weight difference between the two bikes in question, but i've got to say, i just love my wr2, and as shewolf said the dropping of a tooth up front makes it much more managable off road, that and the fmf fuel programer, makes a third gear wheelie possable

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