Open Closed Open Closed Open Closed


Sorry Boyz and Girlz but Carolina Powersports can't control the weather and its snowing again so we are closed.:ride:

LOL! Things will get better.

Think more positive.... and wait to see what the trails look like tomorrow before you close her down for the weekend. You might just get a dusting

no worries evan, we understand.....this weather is crazy

We are actually getting snow over here in Wilmington. It's funny to see snow out on the beach.

Hey brinker... can you take a couple pics of snow on the beach and post then if you get a chance? That would be cool to see! Also I like the John 3:16 reference!

I'll get some pics in the morning. Normally snow doesn't stick much around here and when it does stick it doesn't last very long. That's a good thing though because our drivers stink in snow. People start running in to each other. LOL


Check out the live surf cam at Wrightsville Beach. You can't really tell very much at night, but should be able to in the morning. I hope the link works. Enjoy.

Thanks for the link. ITs strange though, my browser just shows a black box where the beach cam should be. Thanks for trying though!

give it some time to load


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