rebuild a crf250x

Hi i have a 2006 crf250x and i was just wondering how much it cost to completely rebuild the engine on a crf250x and about how often it is that you have to rebuild it. thanks

depends on how hard you are riding it. my GF had 200 HARD hours on her's before she did the head and piston. she has another 120+ HARD hours on it with no issues.

complete top to bottom rebuild is going to run you $2000+

a complete top end (pistion, valves, etc.) should be in The $800-$1000 range if things are not too jacked up

if you do it yourself you can reduce that down to top end complete 350.00 and add another 450.00 for the crank and gaskets . They aren'

t very hard to do if you have mechanical skill and a manual. Good luck

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