KLX 450 R From Portugal

Hello there

My name is Ventura, i´m 33, i live in São Francisco - Portugal and I am an happy KLX450R owner.

The bike is an 08 model but I bought it new in December, it was the last unit from the dealer and I get about 3000 $ off, it costs about 11600 $ and I get it for 8500 $, it´s much more expensive that in the states. For example the KTM EXC 450 price here is about 13000 $ !!!!!!! The 95 gas is about 5 $ a gallon. Just for the record.

The bike as about 600 mi, and so far so good. Just some very noisy chain that it the frame too often, I don´t know why since the chain slack is alright. Here it does not come with the AIS system. Plugged from the factory.

I have already made some changes in it:

- Crosspro skid plate and rad guards.

- Hand guards from Ufo.

- Rear KX fender with led light and license plate support from Ufo. The fender must be from the 06/07 or 08 KX and it fits just right.

- Akrapovic, Racing Line, full system exhaust.

With the change off the exhaust i have made some little jetting mods, 48 pilot, 148 main, stock was 45/145, stock needle on the 3 position from top, stock was on the 2 position, and the fuel screw 2,5 turns out, stock was 1,5 out. The elevation is from 0 to 1000 feet and I ride with 95 octane fuel. Results, the bike starts very easily, runs fine, with good and usable power curve, very impressive mid range. For the weekend rider i think the bike, even stock, is just perfect. With this setting the bike it, very easily and without pushing too much, 150 kph (93 mph), with stock gearing, 13/50, top speed will be around 160 kph ( 100 mph). I tried the 14/50 but i just don´t like, maybe for open space or road riding, never tryed high speed riding with this gearing. In the future I will think on a proper jetting kit, here it is not easy or cheap to get, and some air box mods. I´m using 10w50 Castrol R4 Superbike, fully synthetic, I think that´s a good oil. If someone have some suggestion or tip please let me know, i will appreciate it.

Have a nice:ride:

Regards from Portugal,

TM designs chain guide will for the most part, fix your chain slap problem.

My KLX has a very annoying chain rattle thats driving me mad. You can see where the chain is hitting the subframe mount / boss and wearing it away. Chain has the right amount of slack. Is this normal?

The KLX likes a tighter chain than most. Replacing the chain guide and chain slipper will quiet it right down but without spending $$, keep the chained tightened a little more than spec. My chain rubbed against the inside of that sub-frame mount and shaved the tip of the bolt and when i pulled it out i crossed some of the threads...so be forwarned.

I agree, run the chain tight.

TM design chain guide, loud pipe - no chain slap!

Tip of my sub-frame bolt is being shaved from chain slap also :ride: guide and slipper look fine . My slack is between 1.75 and 2 - instead of the 2/2.5. Still slapping up a storm :thumbsup: go with the forum advice and change chain guide. I sure will be soon.

I've got my TMdesigns slide and glide kit on the way. Looking forward to only hearing the grunt...not the chain!

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