CRF230F Headlight & Stator


Bought an 09 CRF230 about a year ago. I want to add a headlight and a rear running light. I heard from a friend that i might need to "rewind the stator". What is this? Is this something i can do myself, is it difficult? Can i just buy a new more pwerful "stator"?

Also, any suggestions on a good headlight or running light thats relatively easy to install?

Any help is appreciated


You do not need a stator re-wind to run a headlight. Give Diego at BajaDesigns and he can set you up with a lighting kit that will be bike specific. It comes with a 35 watt headlight bulb. If you want to run anything more then you will need a re-wind.

Are you trying to make this street legal? If so, then go the Baja Designs or ProCycle route. They have everything you need to plate your bike.

If not, then pick up a cheap headlight and tail light, handlebar switch and some multi colored wire. The lights can be found on fleabay from anywhere around $15+.


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I installed a 35W Baja Designs headlight/tailight kit on my girlfriend's CRF230F (see pic in Garage). It works fine with the stock stator. However, I installed the headlight just to make it street legal and we don't ride at night. If you want to do serious riding at night, then you might want something brighter with an upgraded after-market stator.:ride:

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