03 TTR225 vs 07 TTR230 Any Differ?

So what are the differences in the years (if any)? I think the newer ones have more suspension travel but im not sure. Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The 225 is heavier with a lower seat height than the 230. Engine is practically the same. Suspension may be a little better on the 230. At least from my research, there's not a drastic enough difference to manufacture both, let alone buy one over the other unless seat height is a concern. I don't think there's a cheap and easy solution to make either one significantly shorter. Every lowered 225/230 I've seen advertised has "professionally lowered" or some such in the ad.

Thanks for the info guys, this site is great! Im not lowering the suspension but interested if the TTR230 can handle small jumps any better than the 225. A friend was thinking about upgrading cause his 225 bottoms out pretty easy. Its seems like the newer and lighter bike might handle/corner a little better as well.

From a 225 to 230, it's not exactly worth upgrading. If he's jumping it that hard, he needs an MX bike, not a trail bike. Or at least a MX suspension with a trail bike motor.

Yeah, he doesnt punish it or anything, but your right. Basically he could sell his and add a couple hundred to get the newer bike but... i suggested saving and getting a WR250F, although more expensive, a way better upgrade.

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