07 Honda 450R Jetting

OK heres the deal i bought the quad used from a guy who buys them at auctions everthing on the bike was great. he had two 450rs to choose from red one a black one black one had the spark arrestor out and had no where near the pep of the red one so i took the red obviously.....rode a couple of times everythings great. i bought a fmf 4.1 complete system.. and a stage 2 jet kit. when i took the carb off and installed the main jet it already had a 132 main jet in it and the stock is supposed to be a 120? the idle jet said *75 also no idea on that...I put the biggest jet that came with the kit was a 140 on.. i have k&N air filter on with exhaust also. so put the bike back to rideable condition started good and every thing went through 2 gears fine when i got to the 3rd gear at high rpms kinda sputtered out. and 4th. never tried 5th. Exhaust was popping alot to when i would let off also... Never adjusted the fuel mixture.. was told it might be that i dont know. What do u guys think it could be im gonna mess with the fuel mixture tomorrow. I was wondering if u think it could of maybe also had a different cam in it also for such a bigger jet than a 120.. I also thought that it might be the case why it was so much faster than the black wheeler i thought at first maybe it was :ride: because the guy had the spark arrestor out but there was a really big difference..like i said i have no idea what could be done to the motor... It smoked my buddys 02 raptor and my other friends predator stock. Let me know what you guys think...

I don't have the answer to your question but I'm glad to see you joined TT.

Put it back the way it was and see how it runs.A 140 is way to big.Your basicly fludding in higher gears.Your jet kit should have came with a new needle.Follow the directions for your altittude. Just for reference my 07r has a full pro armor exhaust,airbox lid off.My jetting is a 128main and I run a stock slow jet.Air flow screw is turned 2 1/2 turns out.And the needle is on the 3rd or 4th clip setting,its been awhile not sure.Good luck.Let me know what happends. If it has more pep than the other one did,it might have the hrc kit

I just got a 07 450r too and it's all stock. Mine has a really bad bog if I get into throttle too quick. From what I've been reading at other sites, most people are using a 162-170 main jet with minimal mods such as a slip on pipe and no air lid so I don't think a 132 is too big. Stock is a 120 but they are jetting really lean from the factory. The fuel screw on mine is "D" shaped so it is non-adjustable unless you buy an aftermarket screw. I guess the factory doesn't want you messing with it.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I put an hmf jet kit in it.The hmf jets go by smaller numbers.not sure why but they do.The same size jet in like a dyno jet kit will actually be a much bigger number.As far as the fuel screw the kit also comes with the tool to adjust that also.So don't be fooled, it is fully adjustable but a huge pain to adjust.I recommened getting the r&d adjustable fuel screw.It will make life a whole lot easier.Hope this helps.

I played around with my jetting today and totally got rid of the bog I had. I went with a 48 pilot and a 155 main jet. My stock filter was coming apart so I replaced it with a Uni air filter & cage. It runs awesome now. I also tried it with the lid off but it seems to kill the low end throttle response so I kept it on. This is with everything else stock and at sea level.

Put a 160 in it.. take the lid off.. also go back to stock jets.. There will be alot more help..

for your throttle response put a 35 leak jet in the bowl..

Atvtech. net.

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