Carnegie on Valentines Day


It looks like Sunday I'm free. See if I can't find that shady spot under the tree.


The weatherman said it should be clear. :ride:


Now there are a few hills with my name on them. I've got a fresh top end and new rubber. Life is grand! :ride:

Got kicked out and it aint even Valentines Day yet. Havnt heard of that before, but I'm not surprised.

Bike's preped, I'm 100%, mother nature likes California again.

I know where the crack is. I've seen it many times and always used to think, :D don't go down there! Guess I was right!

The dirt should be prestine! I've got all the power that 300 can muster. If I can't climb those hills, it's nobody's fault but my own!


It's Rooster Time! :D

Definitely not treating myself to a day of riding on Valentines. The wife would say go, but don't feel its the right thing to do :ride:

Besides... Monday is a holiday :ride:

Great ride today, glad to see some of those Sac guy's come down my way to ride some of our small hills & SSS :thumbsup:Going again on monday,BBQ & beer and good times. Slyco was riding like a kid in a candy store :worthy:got kicked out at 630:ride::ride:

This was the 1st big test since my top end rebuild. :ride: It has much more power.

Ah, but there are still a number of hills I couldn't climb. It wasn't for lack of trying though.

Coming down one rutted out mess, I got out of balance at speed in one section, it was still slick & muddy in spots. I hit this rut and it swallowed my front tire, stopped it cold, went over the bars and landed on my head.

The grass was slick and the hill was steep, so I slid down on my head much too long. Now my neck is all jacked up. :ride:

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