Eddieville playday Feb. 13&14


If it doesn't rain Friday night, we will run at Eddieville. Conditions are soft & tacky as of 4pm.

I will post after 6am whether we go or not. Keep your fingers crossed, it's sunny & breezy at Eddieville, sprinkling in Goldendale.:ride:

Thanks for the info Scott. I'll be looking to head up the next 2 weekends. Hopefully the weather holds true.

hope its nice all weekend so you can run sunday.

6:00 am Saturday morning: Walked part of the track in the dark, We will have a few wet/soft spots we can work around, track should be good overall.

No rain last night, slight breeze already, should be a good day!

GP COURSE WILL OPEN AT 8:30 instead of noon!!!:ride:

how was it today ? did anyone make it to eddieville ? i'm thinkin about goin tommorrow but looks like rain tonight.

Clear at 5am, started a steady rain before 6am.

Don't plan on Eddieville Sunday.

It was a good day Saturday, little wet in morning, drying to great conditions in afternoon.

Thanks for the updates Scoott.

Hey Scoot I have a big group that wants to come up for the 20th. But the website says east winds may close the GP course. No offense of course but we aren't going to drive from PDX just for the moto course. What is a reasonable guess as to when you guys will decide that?

I would guess the day of or the day before. In most cases they have to make a day by day call for weather conditions. I can tell you from experience if its gusting out there you don't want to be on the GP, there is no tree cover so a 50 mph gust up there feels like 75-100. I am hoping to go that weekend to but strong gorge east wind is a bad deal.

Maby we will head west if the weather is crappy up that way.

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