loosing power on rough ground

i noticed that when i was riding across washboard on fireroads or really rough stuff that the power cuts out significantly. its like it starts lugging all of the sudden and then when i get back on smooth stuff everything is fine. i know its not lugged ive got it revved plenty and im not in too high of gear either (1st and 2nd) any ideas? the bike shop told me they have never heard of anything like this, as with most my problems with this bike haha :ride:

o ya its a xrl 650

float level in your carb?......mmmmmmcould be

Is the bike stock?

uh engine and carb are stock no mods on those, well i rejetted actually didnt change the float when i rejetted or the needle. i have a aftermarket pipe and aircleaner. thanks for the replies

It is the CV slide bouncing. No cure.

whats CV slide? really nothing can fix this?

CV stands for constant velosity. It is a vaccume operated slide that is only held in place by a spring. Bouncing moves the slide up and down. Most people change to a conventional carb to stop the problem.

Replace it with a 650R carb (manual slide) and throttle, its cheap has better response and fits both carb and air filter boots.

where can i get a 650r carb? thats cheap cuz i was looking at one and it was like 300+?

where can i get a 650r carb? thats cheap cuz i was looking at one and it was like 300+?

I was able to get the whole set up for $100, from craiglist and ebay. I have seen them on Ebay for 200-300 too, I don't know what they are thinking, they can be found for a lot less. There is a thread about putting one on the XR650l search for that, I think it had what people paid for there set ups.

What about the kickstand switch?

I ride plenty of rough stuff and don't have this happen.

Is the slosh baffle still in the carb?

Perhaps drilling the slide helps with this.


What about the kickstand switch?

It is a possibility.


Also check your carbs vent hoses...it is good to install T fittings on each vent hose, then from each T route one hose up under the seat and one hose down like stock. This way if fuel sloshes up into the vent lines, your carb can still get air into the float bowl.

I ride plenty of rough stuff and don't have this happen.


check your kickstand switch, get something to hold the kickstand switch in the up position, that was the problem on my bike, got a band clamp and closed the switch, no more almost over the handlebar ejection over woops. this was on a DRZ400S

You could possibly be having some other problem, but what you describe is a classic desription of CV carb "flutter". There is no cure other than changing to a non-cv carb.


Removing the kick stand switch couldn't hurt.

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