Desert roosting! Xr650r Pic's and short video.

Ohhhh, the rain has been nice! Desert conditions have been prime. Been doing 300 mile loops and coming home to a clean air filter!

Took my FlipHd camera along on another big loop out of Cal City last weekend.

Video to follow!

Lot's of this....




and plenty of this.....


Here's the 2 minute video I made on that ride. Lot's of damp desert sand flying off a knobby!

If you can, watch in HD and crank up the volume!

I hope you enjoy!

That was quite entertaining. It makes me wish I had riding resources like that.

Cool video:applause:

Lol at 1:25

what a fun great vid with great music choice:thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!

You need to take me with you next time out. Fun....Perfect!

thanks for the feedback!

And a few more.....if don't mind! I like how the roost hits the camera on the last frame. Yeah baby!






Steve Earle...good choice for music and sweet video.

I gotta couple of those 650R's. 1 street, 1 dirt. Time to get rid of them though! They are great bikes! Good vid!

great video. i thought you were about to pop that beer open with the edge of your brake guard.

what a cool perspective on where you placed the vid camera.:ride: and great music to boot.

I am an ol' time Steve Earle fan, so have to start off by saying the music choice was top notch! I am thoroughly impressed with the video and sound quality of the camera that you used. My limpdik computer and internet connection won't allow me to watch it in 720HD without a severe case of stutters, but the low resolution version is great! Loved your camera shots and angles, a great job capturing the fantastic riding conditions and terrain.

Keep 'em coming, I haven't seen any posted video that entertains me more. The Navy had me stationed out in San Diego in the early 80's, and many of my weekends were spent exploring the backroads and fire roads to the south and east on my trusty Honda XL250R.


Masterchief! You like Steve Earle? I think you'll like this one too!

Steve Earle! yes, sweet vid

Another great vid, with another great tune.

Producers Cut! A minute longer with different music.

Hope you like it.

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