what should i get?

i have 1500, im 5'5 135 pounds, plan to start mx, and have been riding since i was 2. i have ridden on tracks several times.. i was going to say a kx100, but i will probably just outgrow it in a few months. some 125s will be too big, and most 250fs are the same size. but i can probably take it easy and get used to the size easier on the 250f. i can ese around a little easier. i want a nice bike, either way, which that is hard with 1500 for a 250f. so it will probably be a 125. but i want a 125 that is about 36 inches seat height. that will be about perfect. and i dont know who makes the best 125.. help

Defiantly a 125 if you have a 1500 budget.

Advanced Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

Aids.. Whatt???

s this the second tread on this topic? If so :ride:.

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