I just bought an 01 wr426 and want to put new tires on it. on my previous bike I had dunlop 773 tires and thought they were really good but the rear wore out pretty fast(was on a 125) and now I don't want to install it on my 426 and tear through it in a heartbeat! I ride in michigan in the sand and some harder terrain. just seeing what you guys recommend before I purchase a set. thanks and I can't wait for spring!!!

If you are riding sand, then try out the Michelin S12's. Keep an eye on your tire pressure, I run about 12-14 psi for the Michigan trails.

I usually do about 3,000 miles per year - we ride single track, dualsport, gravel roads, snowmobile routes, and some pavement connectors.

You can find a set of S12's for about $125 at

You can also try the Dunlop 952's....excellent wear, great all-around tire, and fairly cheap through right now.

thanks a lot guys!

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