Any Problems with a 2009 CRF450?

With all the deals going on at the dealerships lately I'm really looking at buying a honda. Has anyone had any real big problems with theirs? I know that the suspension isnt the greatest, the linkage is bad I hear, and the 4 spring clutch system isn't the greatest.


Yes, people have had real big problems with their 09s. So did Zook w/ cracked cases, Kawi with cracked pistons, KTM with grenading motors, etc. But the "big problems" with the 09 crf450 weren't pervasive. There were a few teething issues like weak clutches, decomp pins breaking (actually recalled ultimately), suspension that needs lots of massaging, etc. Doesn't make it a bad bike. Lots of guys are very happy w/ their 09s.

Do you like a very quick handling bike, even a little twitchy at times, with a good motor? Then get one. If you want a stable, slower handling bike w/ a killer motor, then get a Kawi. If you can find an 09 rmz450, they, along w/ Yami, are probably the least problematic bike with killer sharp handling, and a very strong, broad motor once you put a pipe on it.

All the bikes are good. Just depends on what kind of bike you want.

Lost 5th gear in my tranny twice in 2009.

that would be a weird problem. do you like it otherwise?

More people are happy with the 09 than people that arent.

Buy one set it up for you and have fun!

More people are happy with the 09 than people that arent.

Buy one set it up for you and have fun!


V happy with mine!

40 hours no problems. Checked valves yesterday- left inlet closed up 0.05mm. Reshim and hopefully another forty??????

No other issues but I have been using mine in the woods only.

Had the suspension done, lower link, rekluse pro, fastway pegs, bashplate and rad guards. PCV fitted with eddies map, scotts damper, IMS tank & crfstuff os front rotor. Sure some mods but v happy with the outcome :ride:.

that would be a weird problem. do you like it otherwise?

It is a weird problem and one you don't want to have. Other than that I am satisfied.

I guess shouldn't blame 5th gear. It's been a broken and bent shifting fork that ruined my transmission both times. I replaced 8 gears on both shafts the 1st time and 6 the second time.

I love mine. I got around 75 hours out of the clutch basket before i felt it going, replaced with a barnett, aluminum with steel tips over the cogs and so far so good. i do prefer the 6 spring clutch from my '07 over the '09. this bike is great though, feels better in the corners and i like the KYB forks much better over the showas, most people dont but I feel they are better, more progressive out of the box then showas from previous year hondas. the only problem i had with mine was dirty gas clogging the fuel filter. replaced with the updated part from honda and so far (knock on wood) no problems, but this isnt necessarily a 'honda' problem as all bikes in my area are having issues with bad\dirty fuel.

the '09 is a great bike, regardless of what magazines say. so was my '07, so is the yamahas, leftover bikes are the best bang for your buck.

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