Anyone have any black rims for 06?

Anyone have any black rims for an 06 rm250 laying around they want to sell? a long shot maybe but its worth a shot. checked ebay not much on there

check RM Motosport and the TT store. You might find excell outers for around $100 and then I think the average shop charges around $40 a rim to lace them up.

Moose rims come in Black of all sizes. Not Excell but a bunch of buddies use them and have had good luck with them.

I decided today to purchase a set of black Excel Takesago rims and a pair of Excel heavy duty spoke kits for my 2005 RM250. I'll lace them up myself when they arrive. I paid $350 for everything including shipping from JC Motors in Cali. I placed the order an hour ago. Rims were $115+/- for the rear and $99 for the front. Spoke kits were a little pricey but I did not want to order them elseware. They were $68 per set.:ride:

I thought long and hard about buying the Warp Nine's or the DNA's but in the end I decided that I do not need a second set of wheels and no matter what brand I bought I'd still have to buy additional brake rotors and sprocket which just adds more money to the whole second wheel set ordeal. I really wanted the Excel rims and did not want to eat a mile of crap from my riding buddies for buying knock-offs:lol:

In the end it will cost about $500 for just rims and spokes with new rubber and about a grand for a complete wheel set when it's all over. Only you can decide how much you can afford.

Good Luck! Be sure to show us all your decision with pictures:ride:

Still trying to find a deal on a set. there was a decent deal for that new yellow/gold color on ebay but it said the rear had a crack in it. still looking!

I looked and looked for months. I searched CL and Ebay across the country. Most of the time I found exactly what you did - cracked and beat up wheels.

Let's face it, people selling wheels cheap are selling them because they are beat up or cracked. That is why they are cheap. Otherwise you goin to have to buck up for a nice set.

My opinion - There seems to be no free lunch when it comes to wheels.

If you have a budget of $500 and want a complete wheel set then you better seek out the DNA's or Warp 9's.

Just my two cents:ride:

I wish you the very best!

Im thinking i could just buy a set of excel rims and use my stock spokes and get the hubs pc'ed. i used my stock spokes on my klx110 with excels and those were built for a 12 year old and lasted. who has the best deals on just the rims?


I went down the same road you are going. I too was hell bent on using my old spokes but after talking with friends and other riders I decided it was not worth the savings to continue to use my five year old spokes. If you are spending good money on rims then spend a little more and upgrade your spokes while you have the wheels tore apart.

In the end I decided to replace the 5 year old stock spokes with new spokes from Excel. I know they are good and I know they will fit. I just got the rims and the stainless steel heavy duty spokes in the mail today.

Good luck

I paid $99 for the front and $115 for the rear with free shipping. Spoke kits are $68 each. $350 total. Lacing them will cost you another 100 bones. $450 and you are all done!!

You REALLY need to check out Call 'em if you don't see what you want or don't see the PRICE you want. They are local here in Tennessee, and I was quoted like $84 per wheel for Moose rims in BLACK. Plus, their spoke kits are like $49 for the entire wheel.

Seriously, I bought my upper ProTaper clamp there for like $38, and my Acerbis front fork guards for like $28. I've not seen anyone beat their prices, plus their cool to deal with.

FYI - Their WWW company is OEMCycle. You can also call their retail store called Purdy's PowerSports.

Seems with excels you have to use there spoke kits. Says oem nipples are to small. With moose rims you can use stock spokes if i decide to go that route

Why not just pull your stockers apart and have them powdercoated?

I am also busy with a set of wheels, Talon hubs with excel rims. The rear rim I got off ebay was a 32 hole instead of 36 hole! :ride: Now I have to wait for another rim to arrive!!

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