To my knowledge its important to re-grease pretty much everything on the 450x when you get it new because the grease that comes on the bike is somewhat similiar to vasoline...

What exactly do I need to re-grease? Is it an involved/long ordeal?

Thanks in advance

p.s. I looked in the FAQ thread and did not see anything about the greasing but if I missed something please feel free to call me lazy for not taking enough time to dig around

I try to get the bike in the crate, then do the steering stem bearings, swingarm bearings, linkage. Be sure to torque all bolts back to spec. That should hold you for awhile. The white grease they come with is lithium, I believe. Good stuff and very light, just not enough of it. I use a good moly grease. Shouldn't take more than 4-5 hours. Good piece of mind. have fun.

1st thing that you need is a shop manual. 2nd is a good grease, I use a water proof grease because I don't avoid water crossings. 3rd patience for dealing with all the little rollers in the linkage. other than that its pretty simple, just takes time. Also rags and brake cleaner are handy to have around.:ride:

unless you really want to do it all at once I would recommend taking it in steps starting at the areas that get the most abuse. Wheel bearings and suspension linkages. Then work your way to the steering head etc

1st thing that you need is a shop manual. QUOTE]

Does it go over it in the service manual or owners manual?

I don't recall the owners manual covering it. A shop or service manual does cover it as well as all other aspects of the bike. I would recommend the actual honda manual, they can be pricey, but they are well worth it. I went to the dealer and they happened to have a used one on the shelf for $10.:ride:

luckyyyy, those things are like 90 somthing dollars and you have to order them too

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