Bikes been parked?

Hello out there!!!

As title suggests, my bike (07 kx250f) has been parked for over a year now. Never had a chance to drain fuel or anything before parking it. Should be getting it back the next week or two. Fuel was shut off, so there should not be any fuel getting into the carb. Question is other than draining the gas and oil, and putting in fresh, what else am I going to need to do before riding? Not sure if more work will need to be done to the carb after this long a period of time without running. Any suggestions?


You're going to need to pull the carb off and clean it. The bit of fuel that was in the float bowl will have evaporated off and left a coating of varnish in there. You'll probably be better off to buy new jets for it, at least the pilot, since it's so small, it'll be hard to get it cleaned. I'd also change the oil, pull the plug, and put a few squirts of oil in the spark plug hole and kick the bike over a few times (with spark plug removed) to get a good coat of oil on the cylinder walls before you start it up again. After that, get it started, let it warm up a bit, and change the oil again. Also, be prepared for the clutch plates to be stuck together. Put it in gear with the engine off, pull in the clutch and rock the bike back and forth to make sure they are not stuck before you click it into first with the engine running.

You might get lucky, but not likely. Flush out old gas and put in new. Start it up and if the pilot jet is clogged, it won't idle after you turn the choke off. I have good luck cleaning the pilot using a piece of wire from my wire brush.

Cbus660R - Much appreciated. Doesnt sound as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. Can't wait to ride again. Thanks again.

OrbaBill - Thanks for the advice, I will give that a try before tearing everything apart. Thanks again.

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