kx250 rear shock rebuild help!!!

Im in the process of rebuilding my rear shock, but I have no idea how much oil or what weight to use in it. My bike is a 2000 KX250, and i believe its a kyb shock. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your supposed to fill it completely minus the area for the bladder. You need to make sure you bleed all the air out of the shock body. I know its not a very good explanation. Im sure someone will explain better.

I think the amount can vary a little. Around 400ml of fluid. Have more on hand though.

SPI-3 from Smart Performance or K2C.

Shop manual says KYB K2-C (SAE 5W or Bel-Ray SE2 #40) and pressurize it to 142 PSI of nitrogen. The Kawasaki shop manual just says to fill it up and bleed all air from it but does not give any specific amounts.

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