RC at Daytona


Just an update as I was watching the truck race at Daytona. RC was running top 5, but he was taken out in a crash not of his own fault 48 laps into the 100 laps. While it does suck that he is out and it wasn't his fault, he did look really good. He was battling with all the top guys and was staying between 5th and 8th. Hopefully he can build on this abbreviated performance for the rest of the season.

That was a rebroadcast of last years race.

Tonights scheduled race was rained out. Supposed to race tomorrow night.

Well that sucks. I tuned in late so I thought it was this years. Now don't I feel :ride::ride:

When are they going to run the truck race then?? Not sure where they can fit it in the schedule.

6:30 tomorrow night.

Don't feel bad... I came in to see them racing and fell for it too for a minute. Then I read the scroll at the bottom about the postponement.

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