LTZ carb vacuum hose routing problem


Hi, I recently bought an 03 that has not run in a long while and just cranks over and back fires. the vacuum lines are off as well as the vent hose. i have the manual but it does not show where the upwards pointing barb fitting connects. i have cleaned the carb jets too. Do these hoses need to be connected? Thanks!

its just hose,...............put it on . were does it drain to ? ?? ...... it drains to the ground.

they really don't get used unless the machine tips over

the ltz/kfx/drz have a hose coming off the cab and hooks to the petcock on the gas tank. it puts pressure on it and pumps the gas into the carb when the petcock is on the on or res position. if u turn it to the pri position"knob thing should be pointing side to side then" it will run with out any problems with out the hose being hooked up.

i actauly dont know why they put that on those bikes.

thanks guys, It runs great now.

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