Had a great conversation with Factory Connection about my '07

Well, my sweet profit share bonus check is going to good use. I dropped off my '07 YZ450F's suspension off at F/C for a complete re-valve. I had a great informative conversation with their technical suspension rep. Turns out FC has quite a few trick updates that can, and will be done to increase the "plushness' of my "less than plush" '07 KYB YZ suspension. For the shock, FC has a special rate high speed compression adjuster spring, and they also have a custom modified valve plate that resides behind the HS adjuster valve as well (the stock valve is too restrictive). For the forks, FC also has a more plush upper damper rod assembly spring that they are going to update as well (not to be confused with the regular fork spring). So, about $650 later, hopefully my much loved '07 will even more loved. I like the bike thus far, but I am a tired , skinny 165lbs all geared, and the '07 suspension just has never been right for me.... i'll update this once I get some feedback laps with the modded suspension..

What Happened? Have you been riding so much you forgot to post the post suspension fix?

What Happened? Have you been riding so much you forgot to post the post suspension fix?

AMAZING DIFFERENCE ! A re-spring/valve on your suspension by a competent suspension shop is by far the single BEST investment you can make on your bike ! Oddly FC swapped my '07 to stiffer fork springs, and re-valved. The forks feel SO plush and controled !


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